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Thinking of You Week!

Psst - head into Manchester on Tuesday 22nd September, and you could get your hands on some free cards, a discount code for the shop, and maybe even a golden ticket for two Wraptious cushions!

 We're celebrating 'Thinking of You Week,' which runs from the 21st-27th September. Now in its second year, the initiative encourages people to send a card or write a letter to a loved one. It's about raising a smile and giving a boost to anyone who would really appreciate the thought.

So we'll be hiding some Wraptious goody bags around Manchester for some lucky townspeople to find. Each bag will have some free Wraptious cards for you to send, plus a code to redeem online. And one extra special bag will have a voucher for two FREE Wraptious cushions. That's a bag worth finding! 

If you do find a Wraptious bag, we'd love to hear about it - you can tweet us @wraptious or message our facebook page.

Happy Hunting! 


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