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How to Win the Wraptious Competition

Updated: Jul 16

It's once again time for our biannual competition! We're asking artists to submit designs on any theme for a chance to become a Wraptious artist. Here's a break down of the awesome prizes!

1st Place =Canon EOS 400D DSLR Camera+Lens (worth £300).

1st to 3rd Place =Join Wraptious with your range on our website.

All 12 Shortlisted Artists =£100-worth of products using ourBespoke Service.


So...how do you win?

1) Make sure your art works on a cushion. Yup, it's an obvious one - but very fine detail can get lost on the fabric we use. Big, bold images work best, so pick your designs wisely! Keep in mind that the cushion curves too - so keep any important parts of your design in the middle where they are easier to see.

2) Submit a range if you can. Your design should look great together as a 'collection' that represents your artistic style. We love variety - of course - but it's a good idea to picture how your entries would look displayed together in a shop window, or in someone's home.

3) Get people to like you Share your work with your friends and family, and give them a nudge to vote for your work! If you have an artist facebook page, it's a great opportunity to share your entries there too.

4) Sales - A great birthday gift for a friend AND a great way to gain points. And you'll earn a bit of commission for every design you sell too...

5) Spread the good news! Shout about it on facebook, instagram, pinterest, and twitter! Not only is this a great way to encourage people to give you likes - it's also a chance to show off your work on a genuine product that people can buy. Give us a mention on instagram and facebook @wraptious, and we'll always do our best to give you a like too.

 After more tips? Take a look at our other blog posts - How To Photograph Your Artwork and How To Scan Your Artwork

Want to enter? Head to our competition page to read more about it

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