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How to Win the Wraptious Competition

Updated: May 11, 2021

Not everyone enters our competition to win, we welcome all types of entries from any artist, on any theme! But if you want to win, here’s how.

As a reminder, this is what is up for grabs:

1st Place = Panasonic Lumix DC Digital Bridge Camera+Lens (worth £300).

1st to 3rd Place = Join Wraptious with your range on our website.

All 12 Shortlisted Artists = £100-worth of products using our Bespoke Service.

Our advice:

1) Make sure your art works on our products. Yup, it's an obvious one - but very fine detail can get lost on the cushion fabric we use. Big, bold images work best, so pick your designs wisely! Keep in mind that the cushions curve too - so keep any important parts of your design in the middle where they are easier to see. Your designs will also be available to buy as prints and canvases too. All these products are square, so make sure your design is square too! If you’re making a pattern, make sure it’s not too repetitive; even changing the size of different components, or changing the angle slightly can make a design look more interesting.

2) Submit a cohesive range. Your designs should look great together as a 'collection' that represents your artistic style. We love variety - of course - but it's a good idea to picture how your entries would look displayed together in a shop window, or in someone's home. As a minimum, we will consider 3 pieces, but submitting a range of 4 or 5 gives you a better chance of winning. Don’t submit duplicates, or copy work that doesn’t belong to you, we can always spot them a mile off! It might be tempting to try to showcase how different your styles can be, but we want to see consistency across your submissions. When we see your pieces we should know that they belong together but each piece should stand out on its own merit too!

3) Take pride in uploading your artwork. No matter how beautiful a piece of art is, if it’s photographed badly, it won’t win. Snap it in bright, natural lighting, or scan it if you can. Crop out anything in the background - make sure we can’t see your thumb holding it! Save it as a high quality image. Be aware that if you send the image to yourself, it can be compressed making it blurry. There are more tips on how to photograph your work here.

4) Get people to like you. Share your work with your friends and family on Facebook, and give them a nudge to vote for your work! If you have an artist Facebook page, it's a great opportunity to share your entries there too. You can share your pieces individually, and as a collection - this will generate more points! Give us a mention on Instagram and Facebook @wraptious, and we'll always do our best to give you a like too. (Feel free to shout about it on other platforms, but only Facebook likes and shares generate points)

Remember, only half of our shortlist is chosen by public votes, the other half is hand-selected by us to keep it fair, as we appreciate not all artists have a strong social media following. So don't worry if you don't have hundreds of followers!

Our most recent winner, Rachel Froud

5) Last, but not least… sales! Each individual sale generates 50 points. Sell 5 cushions, that’s 250 points in the bag (even if they’re all ordered together)! They make a great birthday or Christmas gift for a friend. And you'll earn a bit of commission for every design you sell too…

Good luck! We’re so excited to see all the entries!

After more tips? Take a look at our other blog posts - How To Photograph Your Artwork and How To Scan Your Artwork.

Want to enter? Head to our competition page to get started!


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