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Introducing Wraptees!

Since drawing those little doodles on post-its last year, it's been a whirlwind of activity. We've been liaising with some very talented artists (Wraptees!) too and the fruits of these relationships are beginning to show.

Take Rosalind Dando for example. A friend and ex-colleage in a mundane day job, but who comes to life through her painting. Her work is colourful, emotional and vibrant and looks great across wrap and prints. She's trying to make a name for herself through her art, which is taking time and encouragement, so working with her on some designs has been a great win/win scenario. It's relationships like these that make the whole Wraptious venture worthwhile.

There are currently seven Wraptees in our community, with a few more joining us very soon. Over the coming months, we'll be interviewing each of them to find out the quirky details of what makes them tick. We are also always looking for more artists to join us - it doesn't matter if you're a painter, photographer, or interested in lino or paper-craft, feel free to send us some of your work and we'll take a look!


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