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Introducing: Jonathan Willoughby

Jonathan Willoughby is the well deserved winner of our Autumn Competition 2022. Our customers and retailers loved his cute, graphic-design inspired images, and we can't wait to see his full collection on the website. Here's a quick Q&A with our newest artist....

What mediums do you work in? I use Procreate, Adobe Photoshop and InDesign predominantly. It's not as easy as it sounds trust me! :)

What inspires your designs? I love nature and animals and all the magic of the colours, shapes and in particular the characters. I get a lot of inspiration from artists that I follow.

Which artists do you admire or have influenced you? I’m a massive Keith Haring fan. I was always entranced by Alfred Bestall’s Rupert Bear illustrations (showing my age now). I love Studio Ghibli too which inspired my freelance persona as StudioWibblee

What’s something you've found challenging about being an artist? Finding an audience is probably the hardest thing. Trying to be an artist and a business person is something I find tricky.

What’s your top tip for other artists? Keep drawing. It’s amazing what happens when you just keep going.

What is your favourite piece of your own work and why? That’s a hard one. I’m not sure I have a favourite yet? I feel like the more I keep developing the more I’ll be happier with my work. I do like Chocolate Mouse, which is in my Wraptious collection. He/She’s a bit whacky. I like whacky.

What would your dream job be? I’m very lucky to say that right now I’m doing my dream job, drawing for a living and also making music.

Where do you draw, and why? Because I use Procreate on my iPad I can work anywhere which is nice. I can tuck myself away somewhere or be with the family while doodling away. I do sometimes miss the chaos of actual paint but sometimes you have to do what works for your situation at the time.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself! Wow! I don’t know if it’s interesting but I was once in a band with bass player Leo Lyons of ‘Ten Years After’ in the 90’s, they performed at Woodstock in 69’. He had some stories to tell trust me!

What 3 things would you take on a desert island? Can I take may lovely wife? An iPad and Spotify I guess? A fishing rod would be handy or does that come in the hospitality pack anyway?

Favourite quote! There are so many but recently I started listening to Neil Gaiman on audible and I love one of his quotes "The world always seems brighter when you've just made something that wasn't there before".

You can find Jonathan's brand new giftware range on his Wraptious page.


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