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Meet our tea towel design competition winners!

Updated: May 19, 2023

We had some fabulous entries to our Easter tea towel design challenge this year, and as usual, the competition was strong! Congratulations to Shereena Habib and Simon Welch in our Adult category, and Sage Lucas and Isla Birney in our Young Artists category! We're excited to announce that their tea towel designs will be available to buy on our website for the rest of 2023. Here's a little more about them...


Young Artist Category

Sage Lucas

Age: 10

What inspired your design? Love of nature and our yearly family beach holidays.

How it was created: I drew it out on an A4 piece of paper using pencil and my mum scanned it into the computer for me.

Favourite artist? I don't really have one but I like cartoon-style drawings and line drawings like in the Tom Gates books.

Why we liked Sage's design: we love the colour palette, and how he's created a repeating pattern using his characterful illustrations! It's a really fun, bold design, and looks great on a tea towel!


Young Artist Category

Isla Birney

Age: 7 years old

What inspired your design?

I drew a highland coo for my gran as it is her favourite animal. I wanted to add the roots of the flowers as it looks interesting, colourful and I like adding detail.

How was your design created?

I drew it with colouring pencil.

Who is your favourite artist?

I really like Sarah Massini who drew the Witchling's Wish book.

Why we liked Isla's design: this design really made us smile - we love the fringe on that highland cow! It's a lovely bright drawing, and we particularly like the flower root details at the bottom.


Adult Artist Category

Shereena Habib

What inspired your design? My love for both abstract and nature. The vibrancy represents the joy and happiness you gain from being engrossed in nature. Nature is full of colours, patterns, textures and so forth.

How did you create your design? I created my design by using an array of vibrant colours. For this painting, I used acrylic paints on canvas. This is an abstract piece with hints of nature.

Where can we find more of your work? You can visit my website and follow @sherrycreativespace on Instagram to discover more or contact me via email

Who is your favourite artist? Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol & Yayoi Kusama. I love the use of bold colours and shapes they use in their artwork along with expressing their own individual style.

Favourite quote? 'Where there's a will, there's a way’ - I believe if someone really wants to do something, they will find the power within to do it, even if there are obstacles.


Adult Artist Category

Simon Welch

What inspired your design?

I was looking into the garden thinking I must mow the lawn, looking at the daisies and 2 birds landed. It got me thinking and that was the start of the process.

How did you create your design?

Recently I’ve been developing a range of animal characters, I usually begin with a quick pen and paper sketch and then turn these into flat vector style images on the computer. The birds came about as a result of mixing these two methods and incorporating the looser hand drawn look.

Where can we find more of your work?

My work can be seen on my instagram @simonwelchillustration and some of my designs are for sale on and

Who is your favourite artist?

I don’t have a favourite artist as such but some I am drawn to include Sir Peter Blake, Eduardo Paolozzi and Alexander Girard.

Favourite quote?

There’s a phrase that always makes me smile when I hear it and good to keep in mind when creating artwork. K.I.S.S. ‘Keep it simple stupid’


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