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Wraptious Competition - Spring

Entry dates: 17th April 2016 - 27th April 2016

 If you'd like to join a growing and supportive artistic community here at Wraptious, now's your chance! Simply enter our Spring Competition 2016.

Pillow fight!

This year, we've got our eyes peeled for some awesome new cushion designs. We're an eclectic bunch here at Wraptious, and we can accommodate a range of artistic styles. We like colour, variety, bold designs, puns (who doesn't) animals and originality. Just keep in mind that your designs must feel like a coherent range, and look great on a 45x45cm cushion. Check out a few in our existing collection here.

How to enter:

Send us 3 pieces of work to and we'll upload them onto social media. From there, Wraptious followers will be able to like, favourite, share and even buy your work for the length of the competition. The finalists will be chosen by the most likes and favourites on social media, and then a special panel of 20 judges will decide on the ultimate winner. We think it's the fairest way to do it, and crucially it means that everyone gets a vote! Plus, we'll link your website to all the images you send, and share your work with our followers. It's a win-win!

Know someone who's arty and think they'd fit right into Wraptious? Send them our way! We'd love to hear from you. 


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