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Wraptious Artist - Ros Dando

Updated: May 8, 2018

This week, we're taking a look at the work of Rosalind Dando. Ros is one of our longest serving artists, signing up as a Wraptee when the company first began (and when we only did gift wrap!) Her bold, vibrant designs crowned her the winner of our Wraptious competition in Spring 2016, and now she's busy creating some wonderful new designs to add to our collection. 

Ros works with a variety of materials including texture paste, Pebeo paints, acrylic and metallic inks, and textured paper. To create a piece, Ros starts with a texture, then applies paint and ink in layers to build up the image.

As each layer of paint needs to fully dry before she can move on to the next step, one design can take over a week to create!

 Her work is inspired by the natural world, particularly rocks and minerals, as well as dramatic landscapes. Both 'Jokulsarlon' and 'Volcanic' were both inspired by trips to Iceland.

Ros always looks for movement in her work where she can find it, flashes of a bright colour against the dark, interesting swirls, and places where the media interact well. 

Ros is going to be attending a selection of craft fairs around the York area leading up to Christmas, and she's now also started experimenting with jewellery. We asked her what else she's looking forward to this year: "I am applying to take part in York Open Studios next Easter - very excited!  I've got a few much bigger pieces of work planned to go with my Open Studios application, which I'm looking forward to creating, and there should be a revamp of my website to come in the next couple of months as well."

 If you'd like to take a look at more of Rosalind's work head over to her Wraptious page, or check out her facebook for up-coming projects


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