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Supporting Artists & British Manufacturing - not Black Friday

Three years ago I set up Wraptious to support emerging artists. There's always going to be more talent than opportunity but if we can do but a little bit to help then, well, yey! This has been my cornerstone, guiding my decisions ever since.

I am deeply proud that all our products are made in Britain, and that as Wraptious introduces new awesome products, so we support our manufacturing and create jobs. Yes, I could reduce our prices by importing from abroad, but I hope you agree that supporting British makers and emerging artists, at a slightly higher cost, is a compromise worth making. It is nevertheless my responsibility to make sure Wraptious products are as good as they can be, agonising over every detail, while still being fairly priced for you.

It is for these reasons you will not be seeing any Black Friday discounts or broad discounts in general at Wraptious. For me, Black Friday and similar events hugely devalue products, and do a disservice to artists, designers and manufacturers. I am proud of what we sell, passionate of those we support and humbled to be able to share them with you.

Simon x


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