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See our shortlist!

Updated: May 3, 2018

WOW! Can you believe we've had over 2,000 entries this year to our cushion competition?  Yep, we've been pretty busy over the weekend tallying up your likes, shares and cushion purchases!

But * drumroll please * we finally have our shortlist! Congratulations to The Lady Moth Kate Motyer LowndesSusanne Weber,  Emma Cox, Joelle Goff,  Laura Slade,  Elana SigalSam Dempsey,  Adam Barsby, Mukta Lata Marua Naomi Elliott-Blair , and Claire Legg

The shortlisted artists will all be receiving a hamper of our products with their designs on in the new year....and of course one lucky artist will be chosen to join Wraptious. Plus, we'll be sending all the shortlisted entries off to our ENTIRE trade contact list for the final vote. Who do you think will win....?

 You can see a selection of the shortlisted entries below - why not head to our shortlist page to see the full ranges (where they are also available to purchase).

Missed the competition this year? Don't worry, we'll be launching our Spring Competition in 2018 :)


Mukta Lata Marua

The Lady Moth

Adam Barsby

 Kate Motyer Lowndes,

Susanne Weber

Joelle Goff

Emma Cox

Laura Slade

Elana Sigal

Sam Dempsey

Naomi Elliott-Blair

Claire Legg

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