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Our thoughts on licensing

Updated: May 3, 2018

We're always open to interesting opportunities to licence out our artists' designs, as it has been a great way for us to expand our market and artists' work into new regions and new products. Most of these opportunities have come about from getting our brand out there and showcasing our artists' work and stories. We display a 'Licensing Friendly' sign on our trade stands for example, while we meet 1000s of potential customers every month at the various markets we attend around Manchester. Social media has been great for us too.

The one thing that drives every decision for us at Wraptious is asking 'what is best for our artists?' Licensing allows us to support our artists in many new ways.We've been very fortunate to work with ECP Design, launching a stunning range of ceramics, candles and giftware with Katherine William's Highlands range at Harrogate this July.

Everyone is over the moon with how well it's gone so far, so much so that we're looking to expand into other products such as tinware and potentially a new range with another of our artists! We're really excited about our partnership with ECP in the future.

We also have a Christmas Card and 2017 Calendar licensed to RSPB, through Carousel Calendars, which has been great to be involved with and sits well with our ethos of supporting animal-based charities (something we also will be doing for Thinking of You Week...!)

Finally, it's very early days yet, but we're just starting to work with Noble Works Inc in USA, to launch a few of our artists' ranges to the US Market. This will take some time to develop and we're nervously excited about this, not to mention our artists who are loving the opportunities! 


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