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Our competition is now open!

It's our favourite time of year! Starting from the 7th November, we'll be hunting for a new artist to join our company. It's open to everybody - whether your influenced by Dutch Masters or prefer textile design, whether you're into collage or you're a talented watercolour artist. We want to see your work!

So why enter?

There are SO many reasons to get involved. First of all, EVERY entrant will have their work displayed, and available to buy, on the website for the length of the competition. You'll be able to see (and purchase) your work on canvases, prints, and of course, our super soft vegan suede cushions. If someone buys your work, you earn commission for the sale too!

It's a great way to share your work with our followers and your friends, and of course, your retain the rights to your work 100%.

The shortlist will be decided by likes/points on our website - you can read more about how that works on our competition details page.

The winner will be chosen from the shortlist following votes from our stockists and industry leaders. They'll get to join our team of artists, and see their work on our products and gifts. They'll have their own page in the trade catalogue too, which goes out to 100s of shops across the country. We'll be photographing, sharing, posting and promoting your work for two whole years - it's really a fantastic opportunity!

Thinking of entering? See what our previous winners Adam Barsby, Sue Gardener, Kate Findlay, Sharon Salt and Olivia Hicks have to say:

You can find all the details you need, including product specs, on our competition page. Don't forget to vote for your favourite too!


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