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Introducing: Jennie hicks

This week we're welcoming the talented Jennie Hicks to the Wraptious website. Jennie placed in our 2020 Autumn competition and we think her stylish, colourful landscapes are pretty unique! Here's a bit more about her...

What does a typical day look like for you? How do you organise your time? Lockdown has altered my typical day to day life this past year, I am not the best at organising my time but regular diary notes & to do lists always keep me going! However since graduating University of Lincoln I have been looking into career opportunities regarding teaching art and art therapy. I also like to relax by baking questionable experimental cakes, cycling and socialising with friends (pre lockdown).

What mediums do you work in? Mostly IPad, I love the choice the app Procreate gives the creator with the option of undoing/redoing art application, whilst also allowing time to be saved since digital art is much more fast paced compared to traditional art. However these are benefits to both types, I am wanting to have a try at acrylic canvas painting in the near future which I think will suit my art style very much!

What inspires your designs? Where do you get inspiration from? I found myself not regularly practising my art skills early 2020, since I had the mindset of perfection and accuracy with portraits and such, which put me off illustrating! So I changed my mindset to a more therapeutic creative outlet being more abstract in creative and not being too worried about finished results, this made for more free movements and playful brushstrokes. Which artists do you admire or have influenced you? I admire any artist who is a risk taker, too many to fit into one answer! But I specifically find inspiration from; Carly Wigger’s use of colour, Quentin Blake’s innocence and expression, my past teacher Mark Hearld’s enthusiasm and love of nature and also Emma Carlisle’s gorgeous landscapes.

Carly Wiggers

What’s the greatest challenge of being an artist? The mental decision of wanting to use your art as a creative outlet, or marketing tour art to sell successfully therefor hindering creative artwork, it’s finding the balance between both of these values that is challenging I think. And also wanting to have a ‘visual signature’ or ‘style’ but not wanting that to hinder the freedom that can be art!

What’s your top tip for other artists? I should probably be the one asking for tips, being a newly graduated young artist who is trying to find my way...but if it were me giving the advice it would be try not to give up, keep working away and always adapt your mindset when need be.

What is your favourite piece of your own work and why? Probably my first abstract piece ‘Living on the Edge’, since it was this piece that was the changing point for me finding my style & freedom. I like the textured and playful brushstrokes mixed with some architecture!

What would your dream job be? To part time be teaching art to children and part time be part of an art agency selling my artwork through commissions. Favourite quote! “You’re only given one little spark of madness, you mustn’t loose it” - Robin Williams

You can find more of Jennie's work on her instagram @illustrationsbyhicks

See her new giftware range! Visit:


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