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Introducing: Emma Haines

A big welcome to Emma Haines, who joined Wraptious through the Autumn Competition! Emma is based in Ilfracombe, north Devon, and we are excited to be bringing her new designs to our retail and trade customers this year. Here's what she had to say in our Q&A!

What mediums do you work in?

I use acrylics and inks

What inspires your designs? Where do you get inspiration from?

I have always loved animals and wildlife. I also love walking - especially with my dog, Arnie - and often take photos to use as references. I am from bath originally but I now live in Ilfracombe north Devon.

Which artists do you admire or have influenced you?

I admire the artist a lot of artists, Stubbs being one as I love horse art

What’s something you've found challenging about being an artist?

Believing in yourself. It took me a few years when becoming a full time artist to have confidence in myself.

What’s your top tip for other artists?

Paint how you like and don’t over think. Just let it flow and have fun being creative. There is no wrong or right way to paint. Just do what makes you happy and it will show in your work

What is your favourite piece of your own work and why?

The painting of a tiger I created when my dad passed away. The butterfly’s and tiger where his favourite creatures and I’ve also included the flowers from his funeral in the painting. (I also included his ashes, some people might think I’m a bit strange but it makes me feel like he’s close by)

What would your dream job be?

I do have my dream job I work in my studio everyday creating new pieces of art which Is a dream come true. I’m very grateful

Where do you create art, and why?

I paint in my studio. I also have a unit to work in, where I can do the messier bigger work.

You can find Emma's new giftware collection on her Wraptious page, or give her a follow @emmahainesart


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