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Introducing: Caroline Smith

A big welcome to our newest artist, Caroline Smith! Caroline lives in Scotland, and will be joining Wraptious after winning our Spring 2021 competition. Caroline has been a graphic designer for 35 years, but when the pandemic hit in 2020, she saw it as an opportunity to work on her art business and further develop her unique style. Here's a little more about Caroline's work ...

What does a typical day look like for you? How do you organise your time?

I get up, make coffee and sit at the computer to answer emails and do any quick jobs. I still work as a graphic designer, mostly publishing and web design so I find time management pretty easy as I’ve worked on jobs with hard deadlines for over 35 years.

Once those bits are done I print and pack any website or Etsy orders ready to be posted. Then I finish any design work that’s needed for that day. After that I can choose what I do, either some painting, keeping my online shops & social media up-to-date or playing golf! Occasionally I’ll do some housework but I’m not so motivated to do that!

I am currently at a point where I am trying to cut back on my design work and focus more on my art business. I’m definitely a night owl and not an early bird and will quite happily work until the early hours but only get up early if I really have to.

What mediums do you work in?

I used to paint in acrylics and also a little pen and wash. However since I treated myself to an iPad Pro in 2020 I have made most of my art in Procreate. I love the fact that I can paint anywhere and the digital files are easy to share and print from.

What inspires your designs? Where do you get inspiration from?

Home. South West Scotland is beautiful, unspoilt and undiscovered area. We have sea, forests, fields and an abundance of wildlife and flowers. Every time I go out I see something that inspires a painting and although the final compositions are created in my head they all contain elements of local buildings and landscapes and give a real flavour of where we live.

Which artists do you admire or have influenced you?

I like quite bold, graphic art. I love old travel posters and vintage advertising prints so artists like Alphonse Mucha and William Morris always grab my attention. Currently I‘m really inspired by the colourful Scottish landscapes of Scott Naismith and Jean Feeney - just loving all the colour!

What’s the greatest challenge of being an artist?

Confidence - accepting that some people will love what you do and some just won't and not letting that bother you.

What’s your top tip for other artists?

Don't overthink things - do what feels right and just get it out there. Oh and get your work online ... everyone should be online in 2021. No excuses.

What is your favourite piece of your own work and why?

The latest one. I always love the one I've just finished. Other than that it's picture called Early Start which is one of the first acrylic paintings I was really pleased with when I started painting again. It depicts me and our two labradors who are sadly no longer with us, on a morning walk.

What would your dream job be?

Professional Golfer, Forest Ranger or Artist. Sadly I’m too long in the tooth to achieve the first two so I’m working really hard at the third!

What does the process of "art" mean to you? Why is it important?

I don't really think too deeply about it. I have always loved drawing ever since I was really small and I find it really relaxing. I just really enjoy painting places and scenes that people enjoy having in their home and evoke memories for them of special times or places. I love to create happy art!

Where do you create art, and why?

Anywhere and everywhere. In my studio, in the summer house (glorified shed), in front of the telly, in bed or on a 5 hour drive down the M6. That's the beauty of the iPad!

Favourite quote!

All artists are thieves. - Ron Swanson (Parks & Recreation). Mostly because my husband howls with laughter every time he hears it!

You can find more of Caroline's work on her Wraptious page. And be sure to give her a follow at @carolinesmithart


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