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Gin and Diamond Dotz!

Kat Baxter's work has been as popular as ever this year, and we're excited to announce her designs will be feature on two brand new products!

Kinrara Distillery Ltd contacted Kat directly after spotting her designs in a shop in Scotland. They decided she would be the perfect artist to decorate their new Limited Edition Artist Gin! Kat was very positive about the experience:

" I was contacted by an agent of theirs who had been looking for an 'out of the box' design to use for an Artisan Gin bottle and they came across Ivy, my first highland coo. They put me in touch with Kinrara and we went from there. They spoke to me about their plans to bring Art back into Artisan gins and were keen to support emerging Scottish artists and produce a limited edition gin."

Kat created a new Highland Cow design ('Ginny the Coo') for the brand, incorporating the gin's blend of fruits and botanicals into her illustration.

" Due to the nature of my work, I discussed with them the botanicals they were thinking of putting in the gin and they were happy for me to work up some ideas using these as inspiration. I also incorporated in their estate tweed. I had great fun doing this as it was a new twist in my work having never drawn fruit in my illustrations before. It was also a challenge creating a design that would work well on a bottle and still look good on a smaller scale, without losing too much of the detail."

We love Kat's design and think it's the perfect excuse to sample some gin.... :) You can by your own bottle by visiting the Kinrara Distillery Ltd website.

Kat's work was also spotted by Diamond Dotz this month, an American craft company that specialises in 'Diamond Embroidery.'

Images are transferred on to a special fabric which allows the crafter to build up an image using tiny delicate gems - like a sparkly paint by numbers! Diamond Dotz has licensed six of Kat's designs to use worldwide for two years, and already has a spot in US craft giant Michael's. We're looking forward to working with them in the future!


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