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Bespoke Artist Spotlight: JAde Duffield

Bespoke artist Jade has been creating artwork all her life, and studies Communication Design at Robert Gordons University. We asked her a few questions about her work and how she found the bespoke service.

1) Where do you sell your art?

I currently sell my works online on the etsy. My shop is called EEB Designs, and I often advertise using facebook and Instagram. I aim to sell work at craft fayres in Aberdeen around Christmas time as well smaller based local shops. The work I produce is eco friendly and comes in eco friendly packaging, I aim to sell my work to help charities and the environment each sale is to help campaign for saving the bees and saving animals around us!

2) How do you make the original image?

The original designs are always unique. I use skills I learnt over my many years of studying. Most designs are inspired by my many pets. Each piece is created using watercolour paper, biro and watercolours. However I like to experiment with designs using techniques such as lino cut printing and aqua tinting. I was never some one who liked to change work using software, I like to keep the work as original as possible.

3) How have you found using the bespoke service?

I found the bespoke service to be extremely helpful! It has helped me start my business at such a young age. It's something I never thought I would imagine myself achieving and Wraptious has helped me start my journey to hopefully work and design things for other companies. The service is very supportive and helpful, and allows you to work to really make your designs perfect for you. I found sampling the work extremely helpful for both colour examination and marketing.

4) Where can we buy your work?

My work can be bought online in my etsy shop or facebook. You can find updates of stock and new items through my Instagram at Sketchytat_art - this is where I can do custom prints for those who seek them.

Want to give our bespoke service a try? Head to our page to find out more


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