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Bespoke Artist Spotlight: Angie Kenber

This week we're taking a look at the work of Angie Kenber, who used our bespoke service to create some beautiful cushions.

Angie worked for seven years to complete her Fine Art degree and graduated in 2000. Since then she's been exhibiting her work in Bristol, Cornwall, Sussex and London.

She sells her artwork online through instagram and her website, as well as in a variety of shops and galleries.

Angie works in acrylics and stretched canvas, and is inspired by natural and urban lanscapes where colours interact.

" I have struggled with depression at various times in my life; in my work I find my inner voice. I am a colourist: my subject is paint and the process of painting. Inspired by the paintings of Bonnard, Matisse, Hodgkin and Heron, and the Japanese-inspired prints of Mary Cassatt, I use intense clear hues as a visual equivalent to feelings."

We asked her how she found using the bespoke service:

"Absolutely brilliant!  I have found it friendly, helpful, super-efficient, and it's given me the means to sell my work to people who couldn't otherwise afford it."

You can find Angie's work in Flux Gallery, Bristol, The Green Tree Gallery, Haywards' Heath and the Royal House Gallery, Padstow. 

If you would like to see more of her work, check on Angie's instagram page


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