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Behind the Scenes: Making Cushions

Updated: May 3, 2018

Last month, we took a little road trip to see our cushion manufacturers. They kindly showed us around, and let us watch our artists' fabulous images get turned into super soft cushions. Here's a behind the scenes peek at the process.... and their adorable dogs!

 Firstly, a skilled technician adjusts the colour through Photoshop to make sure the images come out in exactly the right shades. 

 The images are then printed onto an massive sheet of paper ready for transfer.

The designs are then transferred from paper to fabric in a thermo-processing machine which fuses the designs to the vegan-suede. 


The paper is then removed, leaving the image on the fabric.

The tags and zips for our cushions are then carefully sewn in...

And the cushion is sewn together and turned inside out 

 Voilà !

If you'd like to see more of the process, why not check out our little video below?


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