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Artist Interview - with Katherine Williams

Giraffe loving Katherine Williams is a talented freelance artist and the winner of our November 2014 Wraptious competition. Her painted splatter animals are instantly recognisable, and have been a big hit with the Wraptious followers. And she's only just finished University! We caught up with Katherine to find out what inspires her, and what advice she has for newbie artists...

1) Which artists have inspired you the most? Dean Crouser, Quentin Blake and Hua Tunan 

2) Out of all the work you've produced, which is your favourite and why? The 'Splatter Stag,' I love the colours, and it was my first ever piece created in a splatter style.

3) How did you first start promoting your artwork? What tips can you give us? Usually I share my art on my Facebook art page. I try and share them on as many social media sites as possible. I also host craft stalls in my local villages.


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