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Artist Interview: Happy Space Sloth

Greetings this week go to Charles Gershom Neal! Manchester resident, Fine Artist, Technologist, musician, tea obsessive and beardy hat lover. That's a lot of adjectives for a larger than life character! Graduating in 2013 from UWE, Bristol with a BA Fine Art (Hons) degree. We managed to slow Charles down just long enough to ask him a few questions!

1) Hey Charles. Busy 2014? Tell us your plans!

Busy indeed! As well as planning some new work and exhibitions for my own fine art practice, I am enthusiastically engaged in several exciting new projects. Ranging from some good old fashioned art prints, to interactive sculpture and abstract performance sound art to Hip Hop producing! 

2) Blimey. And what are you working on at the moment?! The two main projects I have on the table at the moment are and

16BitGlitch is a tech art project where I am working with a range of artists to produce electronic artworks and electronic music devices, with the emphasis being on low fi technology. We also provide technical support to artists through workshops and 1-2-1 tuition.

HappySpaceSloth is a very new entity which is a group of recently graduated Fine artists who have got together to make their work a little more accessible to the public. Currently HSS is focusing on very limited print runs of prints created from the work of some very exciting early career artists across the globe. 

3) How have you gotten to this point in the road? The road has been long and winding, the start is probably an exhibition I saw in my hometown by French art Paul Granjon. He was the first artist that I saw turn technology not just into art, but FUN art. This inspired me to quit my IT job and embark on the long process of retraining and embracing the artist world.


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