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Artist Interview: Eulalia Mejía

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

 Eulalia's gorgeous designs were created in response to our Wraptious Design Brief for Folio Focus. We loved her hand-drawn style and her patterns work wonderfully on our you'll be able to buy them from our website for the next six months! Why not take a look at her interview?

1) How long have you been an artist? 

I studied graphic design in college, but I´ve been drawing all my life. I was the girl at high school who was always working in a sketchbook and creating weird little monsters at the margins of notebooks.

2) How did your particular style develop? What were your influences?

I feel my style is just recently emerging and it´s been developing for the last two years. Finding a way to mix my love for painting with my love for computers helped me develop my current style.

3) Which artists have inspired you?

The work of Jean-Michel Basquiat is an infinite source of inspiration for me. The rich, colorful world of Hunderwasser and the super fast expressive line of Ralph Steadman are two of my favorite sources of inspiration

4) How did you take the step to start selling your art?

I took part in the Folio Focus challenge and here I am!

5) How did you start promoting yourself? I post almost daily on Instagram (@happychinchilla) and Facebook.

6) What's been the biggest challenge you've had to overcome as an artist?

Self-doubt. For me, this is the biggest obstacle I have found in my path. Luckily, this is self-imposed so with lots of internal work, journaling and friends, the inner critic gets quieter.

7) What's the best piece of advice you could give to emerging artists, from your experience?

Work every day. It´s not about making great stuff, but about making and exploring and experimenting and understanding what you like and don´t like.

8) How/why did you decide to enter the competition? How have you found the process? I love the theme, so I decided to give it a try.

9) In an ideal world, what would you be doing?

I feel extremely grateful that I am at this moment living in that ideal world where I get to paint, draw and design every single day.

10) What three things could you not live without?

Paper, silence and color.

To see more of Eulalia's work, head to her website or take a look at her beautiful cushions on our Wraptious page


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