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Anti Valentine's D

Our aim is to make the Wraptious Blog a cool place to come for news, interviews and showcasing all things going on in the art and design world. Therefore, we're chuffed to bits to welcome on board Steph, who will be regularly blogging for us! If anyone else would like to get involved - either a single post, or a regular column, please get in touch. :-) Over to Steph......

My name is Steph and I am one half of ‘Oh Bother Design’. I also run a friendly laser cutting service called ‘Cut & Paste’ which you can find out about here

I met Simon from Wraptious as a fellow stall holder at Altrincham Market and when I saw on twitter that he was looking for people to write content for the Wraptious blog, I volunteered myself! I want to take the opportunity to highlight some of the amazing designers/makers out there, and encourage people to buy handmade and support creative people rather than giving your money to highstreet chains!

Each of my blog posts will have a theme running through it, and in true February fashion, this blog post's theme is Valentine's day...or should I say 'anti' Valentine's day? Anyway, here is a handful of 7 creative talents that I think you should check out.

1) A humorously cheesy Valentine's Day card. It would be great for a couple who like cheese (the food), but aren't fussed on 'cheesy' romance! £3.25 from Becka Griffin Illustration

2) This little plush robot is your perfect companion for Anti Valentine's Day. He has a broken heart. It has been stitched back together, but it will probably never fully mend. £19 from GinnyPenny

3) "You know...all that Valentine's Day crap" – The perfect card for the anti-hallmark holiday folks! £2.50 from Julie Ann Art

4) "Roses are red, violets are blue. I'd rather be single than be with you.” – Perfect for Valentines day! £22 from Katie Kutthroat

5) "If you are the best I can get I want my money back from the dating site" - Mardy Mabel is here to help you express your inner mard and to celebrate all the important moments in life with wry witticism rather than soppy sentiment. She cannot be held responsible for those who have had a sense of humour by-pass. £2.99 from Mardy Mabel

6) "hoes over bros" - This is one for the girl who cherishes her gal pals over those pesky boys! This piece will tell the world girls RULE! £22 from Studio Nine Jewelry

7) Not feeling the love for Valentine's day? Here's a felt heart with the words "Stupid cupid" and two arrows embroidered on it to get you in the right mood.  £10 from Fishes Make Wishes Home

Hope you enjoyed these pieces, and I look forward to writing my next blog post!



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