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A minute with: Clare Buchta

Clare Buchta was a finalist in our artist competition in Autumn last year. Her eye catching landscapes are full of movement and light, and make a fabulous edition to our giftware range.

Clare lives in Berkshire with her husband and daughter, and comes from an artistic family. The Wraptious competition isn't her first win - Clare has several awards under her belt, both locally and nationally, for her unique landscapes.

Her work is inspired by both the countryside and the coastline near where she lives, and you can often find her up first thing to capture the sunrise light, or waiting for dramatic shadows and skies at sunset.

"I often find myself sketching on a cliff or beach in Dorset or Sussex. These locations provide us with great opportunities for getting out and about in various ways."

Among the artists who have inspired Clare is the work of Barbara Rae, John Piper, and Donald Hamilton Fraser.

My favourite artist is probably Barbara Rae for her use of colour and line. There is always drama in her work.

Clare usually works in oils for main painting projects but in thin layers so that she can work back into the painting to let light and under layers of colour shine though. She has developed her own unique way of applying the paint and uses a specially sourced smooth paper.

Clare also uses Monotype printing to create her work; a one off image created by painting on a smooth acetate sheet. The image is transferred to paper by running it through a press - although Clare uses a vintage mangle!

Like many artists, Clare finds there are challenges to painting.

The main one is finding a block of time to paint don’t have to stop to do some mundane but essential task. My technique requires the painting to be worked on whilst still wet over a number of hours.

When she's not in the studio, Clare is busy running a number of local art groups and exhibitions in the area. She's got plenty of advice for too artists too:

Find your own unique style which will help you to be recognised. If you have a subject you are passionate about this will keep you focused. Involve you partner or family in your art career so they can help and encourage you. And finally, get involved with other artists as they have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

You can find and buy Clare's gorgeous work on her Wraptious page, or why not follow her in instagram


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