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5 Reasons Why: You should try our Bespoke Service

Updated: May 3, 2018

1) If you've ever seen artists selling their work at markets or online and thought I would love to do that! then our bespoke service is for you. It's the perfect opportunity to try out your designs across a range of products, with very little risk (or damage to your wallet).   

2) We've done the hard work finding good suppliers and great materials to ensure we sell quality products - all you need to do is send us your work. We have a range of products available in our bespoke service, including prints, coasters, cushions, placemats, clocks and mugs. You can mix and match across them all to make up your order.

3) We'll even help you tweak your image so it looks the best it can be on our products, for no extra charge. We offer free UK shipping too!

4) You choose where you want to sell your designs, and of course, you keep the rights to your images, 100%. You don't even have to be an artist - if you're a business looking for some personalised products, we can help you there too.

5) It’s the perfect stop-gap to help you get a sense of the market. Many product manufacturers require large orders to be placed before they will agree to print your work. Our minimum order quantity is just £100+Vat. And we have no contracts either – if your work is flying off the shelves and you decide it’s time for a bulk order with another supplier – we’re cool with that.

Ready to get started? Give us a call on: 0161 221 0109 Or email us at:

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